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One of my most favorite parts of my job is helping my customers. Add a little cocktail to that and I'm the happiest girl in the world!

So every year around this time I'm always happy to host private parties at the store we call a Sip and Shop.  The more the merrier! You have the entire store to yourselves to kick back, relax and have fun! Sometimes its a group of girlfriends, ladies that work together, fellow cross-fitters, mom's group, you name it we've had it. 

We've hosted over 20 of these parties over the years and I have some of the fondest memories of the store during these nights. I love that I get to know my customers even better during these events. So if you want to join in on the fun get your girls together and come on down!


If you have any questions or want to book your own party email me at or call the store.